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Strategic Initiatives


Transfiguration's Transformation

The 21st century has brought much change to Transfiguration School. Our expansion  and increase in enrollment is a reflection of the school’s dedication to its academic standards, socioeconomic diversity, community service and immigrant roots.​

As a 185 year old school, we are continuously evaluating opportunities to modernize and offer the best resources and environment possible for our students and families. If you would like to contribute to the development of one our initiatives, please contact We appreciate your support while we experience this exciting time of transformation. 

If you would like to contribute to help accelerate any of our initiatives, please visit our Ways to Give page. Thank you.

Our Ongoing Initiatives

Response To Ever-Renewing Technology

Reimagined Science Program with Newly Introduced Curriculum 

Faculty & Staff Resources and Professional Development Opportunities

New School Food Program

Increase in Scholarship Opportunities

Diverse and Inspired After School Programming Options

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