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Since 1832, Transfiguration School has provided academic excellence to successive waves of immigrants and their children. Today, the school remains a shining example of a dynamic community vested in the education of its youth. With an enrollment of over 300 students across three campuses, Transfiguration School is one of the most outstanding Catholic schools in New York City.


At Transfiguration, we believe in nurturing the student in all aspects of learning, inspiring them to explore new opportunities and use their talents, so that they can take all they learn in and out of the classroom and grow into intellectually, socially and emotionally responsible young adults.


Through this journey with us, your child will excel and be prepared for a healthy and confident transition to high school. We welcome families from all backgrounds and religious beliefs to embrace our Catholic influenced culture which allows us the freedom to reinforce strong morals, unwavering values and tradition that has proven successful for our scholars.


Join us and become part of Transfiguration’s past, present and future. We look forward to sharing in the joys of your child’s educational experience.


Respectfully yours,

Leadership Team

Mrs. Stephanie Kearns
Mr. Michael Lenahan


Chief Operating Officer

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