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Community Service

Serving our community is vitally important to our mission and our calling to serve. We teach our students that it is possible to give back to our community, no matter your age. Living our values reminds us that we must help each other and take care of those who are less fortunate. Each academic year we will partner with an organization to celebrate giving in our community. Our partner organization for this year is God's Love We Deliver. As a non-profit ourselves, we know the impact our contribution has on others. Thank you for bringing the spirit of giving from your heart into their lives. 

Our Partner Organization:

About God’s Love We Deliver

God’s Love is the New York metropolitan area’s leading provider of life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling for people living with severe illnesses. Begun as an HIV/AIDS service organization, today God’s Love provides for people living with more than 200 individual diagnoses. God’s Love cooks and home-delivers the specific, nutritious meals a client’s severe illness and treatment so urgently require. Meals are individually tailored for each client by one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, and all clients have access to unlimited nutrition counseling. God’s Love supports families by providing meals for the children and senior caregivers of its clients. All of the agency’s services are provided free of charge to the client, and in our history of more than 33 years, God’s Love We Deliver has never had a waiting list. This year God’s Love will cook and deliver nearly 2 million nutritious meals.  For more information, visit godslovewedeliver.org. Follow God’s Love on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram, @godslovenyc.

Student Community Service Hours

Our 6th-8th grade students are required to complete 15 hours of community service per year.

For teachers and students only:

Please download this form, complete the required information, and once your hours are fulfilled, please turn this form into the school office.