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New School Brand

Our Brand Identity Story: We set out to examine different aspects of our school to ensure we are reaching as many families as possible, telling our story, and expressing pride in our mission. We spoke with prospective families, participated in school fairs, joined parent groups, polled our faculty and staff, consulted with our parish leadership, and engaged our H.S.A. to develop a comprehensive yet simple new school brand identity.

For those who know our school, we have a strong reputation for being academically challenging, rigorous and competitive. All of these are qualities we continue to uphold. Our new brand identity will allow us to reach more people with this message and better explain our purpose and offerings to their child and family.

Please see the following announcement of our school brand as we invite you to embrace our updated look and share in our school pride to your community and beyond.

Primary Brand Logo with School Name and Tagline

Logo: As our major graphical asset, our logo—based on a unifying symbol bringing together different paths and learning experiences — is the “face” of our brand. It is the single most visible manifestation of Transfiguration School's unique brand identity, providing essential information that allows internal and external audiences to connect and identify with our values.

A cross, with various meanings for all of those who encounter our school. Dedicated to the Catholic faith and principles, the cross maintains a reminder of our religious foundation. The cross also serves as a reminder to welcome new people and graduate students out to new paths. The paths in and out connect to all audiences.

The colors, purposefully chosen to represent the liturgical colors (specific colors used for vestments and hangings within the context of Christian liturgy), remind us to find joy in the celebration of our community and respect traditions of our faith.

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