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Uniform Guidelines and Policy

Uniform apparel is required dress by all students. All uniform items must be purchased through the approved uniform and shoe partners. See bottom of page for an important announcement about our anticipated uniform changes.

Our Uniform Vendor Partners:

Flynn & O’Hara School Uniforms

1.800.441.4122 Email:

Lands End (for some items) 800-963-4816

CODE: 900147927

The OPTIONAL Shoe Company for ALL grades is: 

White Cross Official School Shoes, or 1-800-973-6789


Boys: PreK– Grade 8

Charcoal grey trousers                                               

Maroon long sleeve polo shirt with logo (Winter)   

Maroon short sleeve polo shirt with logo (Fall/Spring)       

Charcoal grey cardigan sweater with logo & 2 pockets       

Black leather belt      

Black school socks


Boy’s school shoe: Grades 1st-8th

Black leather shoe


Boys' school shoe: Pre-K and K

Black velcro leather shoe.


All Girls:

Maroon long sleeve polo shirt with logo (Winter) Maroon short sleeve polo shirt

Charcoal Grey girl’s pleated slacks for Winter (optional)

Black cotton winter weight knee socks

Black opaque light weight knee socks Black opaque socks

Note: Girls must wear black shorts under their jumpers and skirts.

Girls: PreK - Grade 3

V-neck Charcoal grey jumper with logo

Maroon polo shirt

V-neck Maroon Cardigan sweater with 2 pockets and school logo - Optional


Girls: Grades 4-8

Charcoal Grey 2-Kick Pleat skirt Black

Charcoal Grey Vest with school logo

V-neck Charcoal grey Cardigan sweater with 2 pockets and school logo - Optional


Girl’s school shoe - Grades 1st-8th

Black leather shoe


Girl’s school shoe - Pre-K and K

Black leather maryjane velcro shoe

Gym Uniform:

Gym shirt and shorts (summer) gym sweat shirts and pants (winter) – NAVY BLUE

White sneakers and white crew socks (no ankle socks)


Dress down days

  • Periodically, free dress down days are awarded to students.

  • Periodically field trip days call for dressing down and on these days students must wear plain sneakers.

  • Students may not wear see through or tight-fitting clothing nor clothing that bears offensive logos.

  • The school reserves the right to determine appropriate attire on dress down days.


Dress up days

  • Grades 1-8 students should dress up on church service days.

  • Sweat pants/shirts and jeans are not permitted.



We are in the process of undergoing an exciting brand change in order to keep our school current and respond to the trends and comforts families expect for their children's school. We are in the early stages of a new uniform design that is not only going to apply the new Transfiguration logo but it is also going to provide a more comfortable and flexible design for all students. Attire plays an important factor in the ability to learn. We have considered this and many other variables as we make this change.

In order to mitigate big expenses for families, we have actively collected and offered gently used uniforms to our current and incoming families. We have also encouraged families to purchase fewer items, especially those who typically purchase based on their child's anticipated growth. 

After working with a uniform committee, we will introduce the new look of the uniform in the middle of academic year 2018–19 and all students will be required to wear the new uniforms in the 2019-20 academic year

Fun History About Uniforms

Catholic Schools have been a growing sector of education in the United States since the early 1800s. Strict school uniforms have since been a telling quality of Catholic private schools, and selecting an appropriate dress code is crucial to school performance. Below will outline school uniforms throughout Catholic school history and highlight the changes that modern Catholic institutions are implementing, as well as suggest policies that will conform well with 21st century culture.

Uniform Timeline FINAL (1).jpg

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