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Summer Institute

Kindergarten to Grade 6 

A variety of classes are offered to students to prepare them for a more rigorous experience during the school year. The Summer Institute is mandatory for incoming Kindergarten students and optional for Grades 1 to 6.

Students will receive instruction in Math, ELA, and Science. In our effort to continually enhance our summer offerings, we have streamlined our ELA summer curriculum. This summer, we will be using ELA units from Schoolwide, Inc. - the same ELA curriculum source we use during the school year to support the Reading and Writing Workshop model we have implemented over the last three years.

During the summer, all ELA curriculum from Grades K to 6 will have a Science focus, and all grades will be using a similar approach toward ELA instruction. The units are based on the NY State standards and present an ideal opportunity to introduce students to some of the standards they will encounter in the next grade level.

Special classes offered throughout the weekly schedule may include some of the following: Art, Chinese Culture, Rhythm & Instrumental Music, Physical Education, and Yoga.

Details about Elective offerings will be shared in April.

Summer ELA Unit Themes for Grades K to 6



Life Cycles of Animals

Grade 1

Patterns in the Natural World

Grade 2

Plants and Animals Adapt to Survive

Grade 3

Energy: Electric, Sound, Light, and Heat

Grade 4

Our Solar System

Grade 5

Extreme Weather

Grade 6

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