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During the 2013-2014 academic year, Transfiguration School launched its first Capital Campaign with a $1 million five year goal. This campaign will allow the school to raise funds specifically to address critical infrastructural needs that have been overlooked for many decades. The Upper Campus located in the old St. James school building had been in disrepair for years prior to Transfiguration taking over and much renovation was done before the school moved in. However, there are still many additional, structural issues that need to be addressed.


Both the Lower (29 Mott Street) and Upper Campus (37 St. James Place) buildings have a combined history of over 250 years of age. With this campaign, we aim to not only address structural needs but also be able to retrofit the buildings, allowing the school to remain competitive for the 21st century.


In 2014, we hosted our first black-tie gala on October 9th honoring Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather. In our second annual fall gala on October 1st 2015, we broke all records raising over $310k to a sold out event. We honored Amy Mak Chan, Fook Funeral Group; Alfred Gallicchio,West New York Restoration; Florence Lynch, LYNCHTHAM and Chen Xu, Bank of China USA. The funds raised will directly benefit the critical infrastructural repairs that are required to sustain the school’s Upper/Lower Campuses as well as expand classroom space. By academic year 2016-2017, Transfiguration School will have two classes per grade from K through 8.


To date, the Capital Campaign has surpassed our $1 million goal two years ahead of schedule. In 2016, the school contracted with architectural firm FSI to create a plan for improved spaces and upgrade both the Lower and Upper Campuses. Though our wishlist is very long, we are very excited about the possibilities that we can create for our students with better facilities. The school will make the proposed plan public once it is ready.


Please read a letter from our principal to the Transfiguration community.

The past AY 2015-2016, much time and energy has focused on crafting a plan for future renovations to these two buildings. FSI has spent over 250 billable hours and used two additional contractors to survey and create renderings for both campuses. We have also embarked on a multi-step process with the DOB to get approval to use the vault area at the Upper Campus, 37 St. James.


The school’s administration has started developing a plan to ensured education standards are still met during a future renovation period.


Join us in building a strong foundation for Transfiguration School.

Capital Campaign

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