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Annual Fund

As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on continuous monetary support from donors, businesses and fundraisers to provide the outstanding catholic education that we provide our students. There are many costs that come with operating our school, many of which are not covered by tuition alone. Here at Transfiguration School, we persistently pride ourselves on the level of education, discipline and attention that every student in all of our classrooms receives. Unfortunately, our assets are not enough to maintain this positive force within the community and we cannot continue to inspire our children without outside support. Fortunately, we have a generous and dedicated network of parents, business owners and other community members that are willing to contribute what they can to ensure our students are cared for and taught at the highest level.


But that network can never be big enough, the support can never truly be enough because our school can always improve and we are always striving to bring a better education and better programs to our students. At Transfiguration School we are never satisfied when it comes to inspiring our children and the community. That is why we are asking the family of every student in our school to make a donation this year. Whether you can afford to donate $5 or $5,000, your support will have a direct impact on the quality and effectiveness of this institution. $5 can be used to buy a child a brand new notebook, $5,000 can be used to renovate damaged chairs and desks. There is no such thing as “too small of a donation” and every dollar that we receive enables us to improve our institution so that we can better nurture and inspire the youth that have been entrusted to us.


We have many goals and ideas for Transfiguration school: a new food program, new afterschool programs, new technology, better security, improved buildings and infrastructure; all of which help our students either directly or indirectly. Don’t think of your donation as going to an organization, think of it has improving a child’s education.

Every dollar counts

If the family of each of our 500 students donated just $5, we would have $2,500. If the family of each of our 500 students donated $50, we would have $25,000. If the family of each of our 500 students donated $150, we would have $75,000. And If the family of each of our 500 students donated $186, in honor of the 186 years Transfiguration School has been bringing upstanding catholic education and discipline to its loyal community, we would have $93,000.

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